Family Office

Complex needs require structure and discipline combined with sensitivity and attention to detail.

Complexity in financial affairs can arise due to a wide range of factors and circumstances. In some instances, it is simply the scale of wealth that leads to complexity, whilst in others it may be the result of the sale of a business, family succession issues, time constraints, divorce, unexpected ill-health or death.

Whatever the cause, our Family Office has the professional skills to help you manage the complexity. This includes creating the structures and disciplines needed to control the process and outcomes.

However, equally importantly, it includes the sensitivity borne of experience to help you deal the personal issues that all too often accompany, or in some cases cause, complex financial situations.

The skills and experience offered by our family office in managing complexity is supported by a consistent attention to detail that ensures relevant issues do not get forgotten.

Family Office Services
  • Private wealth services
  • Superannuation services
  • Estate planning and legal services
  • Accounting and taxation services
  • Aged care strategies
  • Relationship management
  • Philanthropic advice


Family Office